Friday, June 15, 2012

I is cream

we are starting an ice cream theme, lots of fun ideas coming

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Past Projects: stars and flags

I don't have any 4Th of July decorations so I am having my two girls to help make some. Here are two we have finished-if we have time I hope to do a few more.
4Th of July Stars for the windows- This was really easy and something a little different. Aubrey really enjoyed it.
I cut out red, white, and blue stars. Aubrey cut out little piece of paper to use as confetti.Next I cut out a large piece of clear contact paper. I helped Aubrey lay the three star on the sticky side.
She then sprinkled the confetti over the stars and contact paper.
I added another piece of contact paper on top to seal.
We hung it in the window so the people outside also have something cute to look at. It turned out pretty cute.

Variations-Make three separate ones (one for each star instead of the three stars together) and hang them in a row OR use it as a cute place mat.
Our Flags- Very simple and both girls helped. I cut out a blue square-the girls made polka dots with a white crayon for stars. I cut out red stripes of paper. The blue and red paper were glued down. Cut off the extra red that went over the sides. They aren't very evenly spaced and I am pretty sure one has a few extra stripes but the girls really like them.

We also listened to a few patriotic songs on the computer. It was great because some of the videos had flags and Aubrey was able to point them out.

Past Projects: Cupcake liner Fireworks and F Flag

We did two projects yesterday both found on No Time for Flashcards.

Cupcake liner Fireworks-So easy (make sure to use white) Color with markers and cut a few slits around the edge so they lay flat. We glued ours onto black paper so they look like they are in the sky. Olivia also made some. Aubrey's are the two on the left and Livy's are the two on the right.

F is for Flag- I had Aubrey glue on the stripes and stars. We practiced patterns as we did this activity.

Past project: 4th of July Mobil and fireworks

Here are two crafts we did today.

Patriotic Mobile found on 4 Crazy Kings-It looks so cute. Aubrey did all the painting and I cut the pieces out and put it together. We now have something to hang from these silly hooks all over our house.

Firework Finger painting- (found on Our crafts n things)Aubrey and Olivia enjoyed this project. They may not look completely like fireworks but they are a lot of fun. To make this project easy I made a few dots on their paper with each finger paint color and let them paint with that. Last time I gave them a plate with paint and Livy dropped hers on the carpet. This worked much better and Aubrey loved it so much she made three.

Last minute 4th of July projects

I printed off a star.  Gave the kids long strips of red white and blue paper.  The practiced their cutting skills by cutting the paper into squares the gluing them onto the star.  We then cut the stars out.
Aubrey cut her star out first and then glued her paper on.

 I printed off some flag coloring pages and let them paint them.  I showed them a real flag and we talked about the colors, the patterns, the stars, etc.  Also a little about America.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A is for Alligator

Top: Aubrey's Bottom: Olivia's
Idea found here

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Muddy Pig Painting

We began our P is for pig theme.  First up was painting piggies with pudding.  We talked about how much pigs love the mud and how they use it to keep cool.  Then we covered our own pigs with mud (chocolate pudding).

First I drew a pig for each of them on tin foil (I'm not an artist).  Then gave them a plate of chocolate pudding and let them use it to finger paint their pigs.

So much fun!